August 27th will always be a bittersweet day for me — bitter for the sadness that accompanies loss and sweet with the memories I still catch myself giggling over. Today marks the anniversary of the deaths of both my grandma and dear friend (after whom my daughter, Laurel Alexa, is named). This year makes four for Nana and two for Alexa. It’s still so surreal to me that they’re not with us anymore and it pains me to know Laurel will never meet them. They would have loved her and her them.

      I was holding Laurel this morning, imagining how she would be with them, imagining what my grandma would say to her, imagining Alexa’s squeal she made when she saw something so cute. Sigh. I wish she would know them.

      Then, I figured we could arrange something!

      I put Laurel in her best dress. I took Nana and Alexa’s photographs I took years ago off the living room bookcase. And, I let Laurel hold them.

      Laurel August 27 (9 of 15)

      She “talked” to them and touched their faces with her sweet, pudgy hands. I’m pretty sure my heart burst into confetti and it was hard to hold back tears.

      This is why I love photography. This is why Seize the Daisies is taking more print-focused approach.

      Those moments with Laurel interacting with her great grandma and her namesake would not have been possible if those images were simply stored on a disc in a drawer. Passing down a disc or a flash drive to Laurel wouldn’t make sense; by the time she’s old enough, I’m sure she will be asking me “what’s a flash drive?” Who knows if Facebook or Instagram will still be around when she is ten, twenty-five, or fifty years old…

      Not to mention if I have grandchildren — what would I show them? Some of my favorite memories with my Nana were us sitting on the floor of her bedroom surrounded by photo boxes and albums. We would spend hours going through them with her showing me where she came from.

      Laurel August 27 (6 of 15)

      As much as I love technology, memories shouldn’t require electricity to be brought back to life.

      Prints don’t become obsolete, and I’m so thankful for that.

      Because, today, three of my favorite women on the planet were able to “meet” today.

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