I’m Britney Logan and I’m an Arkansas lifestyle & wedding photographer. Most days you can find me having living room dance parties with my daughter, Laurel, or editing away with my cat in my lap and an iced white mocha on my desk. Or, if I’m not home, I’m probably out exploring The Natural State somewhere or watching some live music!

      I’m pretty sure I have the best job ever. I’ve been able to meet, work with, and befriend the absolute sweetest, most down-to-earth, and genuinely amazing people ever. Even calling them “clients” gives me the heebie-jeebies because we all ultimately become really great friends who have spaghetti or Cards Against Humanity dates after the wedding or session is long over with.

      My whole approach to your photography experience – and really even just photography in general – is all about connection: the connection between the two of you, the connection between you and me, your connection with your images decades from now…

      Before I ever even bring out my camera, we are most likely going to already be best friends. I love meeting with inquiring couples over coffee (or beer, or pizza…) before they’ve even booked me because it gives us all a chance to get to know one another (connect!) before they’re in front of the camera. I feel like if we have no idea who each other is before we show up for your engagement session, there’s going to be a lot of time spent there getting to know how you two connect, what kind of mood you’re going for, what’s important to you…

      If y’all are connected, and we are connected, I promise you are going to be so much more in love with your images. This is also where trust comes in; getting to know each other before your session (and your wedding!) helps build that trust in order for you to connect more with your final images. Like, I’ll be honest with you: there are sometimes I will have my couples dance on top of a waterfall, or tell you to smell the other’s forehead, or pinky swear that standing in a random bush will be super pretty. When my couples trust me to be creative, fun, and vulnerable with them is when we create some magic we can all adore for years to come.

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