So, I never really realized how small the world is until I met Whitney and Bobby. Her mom found me on Google and they currently live in Dallas, but when we met for their pre-wedding consult, we both were like, “hold on… how do I know you?” Long story short, we all have roughly five million mutual friends and actually met briefly right around a decade ago! I just thought that was the coolest thing ever.

      These two are such #goals. All the #goals. You know how there are some people who when you hang around them for a while, you leave and you’re just so excited and happy about everything? That’s them. 100%. They just love each other so much and you just can’t help but have their happiness rub off on you. They’re one of the most laid-back, down-to-earth couples I’ve ever worked with– I don’t even like saying “worked with” really because their engagement session didn’t feel like work at all. We laughed so much.

      And their style is just everything, holy mackerel. I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with their coordinating outfits. ICYMI, I just released a What To Wear PDF Guide for family sessions, and honestly, I could probably just use this blog post for the engagement session version.

      I absolutely cannot wait for Whitney & Bobby’s wedding this September! So, until then, let’s all just swoon over their engagement session together, sound good? Awesome.


      To give their gallery more variety, we switched outfits (well, they did, not me) and opted for a more natural setting at Park on the River. The Park was where they actually considered choosing as their wedding venue before ultimately deciding on Goodwin Manor. It is such a gorgeous location and holds sentimental value to them, so I thought it was really sweet we found a way to still incorporate it into their love story here.


      Okay, so, the following image might be one of my favorite bloopers of all time, haha. When Whitney reapplied her lipstick in the car on the way to Park on the River, there was no setting spray involved like there was earlier. So when they went in for a super sultry, romance-novel-cover kiss, he got coated in pink lipstick. (Hey, at least it would match!)


      Oh! If you’d like to see more of Whitney and Bobby (and my cat), you should check out the Facebook Live we did at their Gallery Premiere

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