Y’all. Y’all y’all y’all. If you’ve been here a while, I’m sure you remember Tyler + Tyler from their proposal story, where not only did Tyler get a ring, she also got a puppy! (Look how big Mila has gotten, oh my gosh!!)

      After such a perfect proposal, we knew their engagement session had to be perfect as well. And it was, in its own way, and in such a way none of us could have planned for. For starters, we had to reschedule it about four or five times because apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that April showers were supposed to bring May flowers. Finally, we set a date and it was a Tuesday, which showed to be the only sunny day that week. The Monday and Wednesday surrounding it were partly cloudy and the rest of the week was stormy.

      It was gorgeous all day long — until it came time to get in the car and drive to Marlsgate Plantation for their engagement session. Then came the absolute torrential downpour that continued halfway into their shoot. On top of that, Tyler had her hair and make-up professionally styled and the rain threw a major kink in that too. Nevertheless, we were just going to make the best of it, knowing that the images would still be gorgeous, even if there wasn’t any pretty golden hour sun we were planning on. Plus, we have Save the Dates to print over here!

      Tyler and Tyler were such troopers, let me tell you. I was actually fully expecting my brother to be super awkward and all “ew, gross, I’m not gonna be all lovey dovey in front of my sister” or something, but holy mackerel, they both killed it!

      After a while of pushing through the stress of wrangling two German Shepherds who were not into being photographed, the rain, the hair/make-up touch-ups, and more rain… the sun peaked through. Then we got the most beautiful, golden, dewy sunset any of us could have imagined would come out of this evening. (Also, a major thank you again to Martha Ellen + Beau Talbot for allowing us to use their amazing venue for this session, and for letting us stay a little later to take advantage of the sun.)

      We all thought it was an appropriate metaphor for the adventure these two are about to embark on. Marriage is going to have some stormy days, even when you try to do all the right things and plan around them. But sometimes if you just stick with it and still focus on loving each other without caution, even when everything seems to be going wrong, the sun will come out and everything will be better than you could ever expect.


      “YOU GUYS. This is just a glimpse into our rainy day engagement session that turned into pure magic. Tonight Britney Logan came over with champagne and we watched a tear-jerking video of all of our pictures. If you are looking for a photographer, or even if you are like me and dread getting your photo taken because you are self-conscious but know you need to rip off the band-aid and do just it…Seize the Daisies Photography is your place! I felt totally comfortable and Tyler ended up being a total natural/male model… We love you, Brit, and will cherish these forever! How fitting is it that our wedding is in 4 MONTHS from TODAY!?”

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