how will you tell your story?

      I offer two main types of albums: the Luxe Album and the Coffee Table Book.

      The Coffee Table Book is a gorgeous lay-flat album made with premium pearlescent press paper and your choice of linen or bonded leather covers in a really pretty array of colors.

      The Luxe Album is your ultimate album. It is a much thicker, stunning book with thick pages that lay perfectly flat when you open it allowing you to view the full spread without distraction. It comes in an even wider variety of customizations to fit your style that much more perfectly.


      My personal approach when shooting any wedding or session is to tell a story. There is honestly no better way to accomplish this with beautiful images than to display them in a gorgeous album. Some of my couples have gone on to have babies and it’s just so surreal to me that for decades this album that we created together is going to the be one they lay in their lap, cuddle up with their loved ones, and relive some of their favorite memories. Just the thought gives me all of the warm & fuzzy feelings!

      If you’d like to flip through some of the albums yourselves, I’d be happy to come show them to you! Just get in touch with me and we can set up a good time!


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